One of the finest words in the English language is undoubtedly “holiday”. This simple seven lettered word rings up the chance to leave all the adult responsibilities behind, soak up sun, sip cocktails by the pool, and relax. As customary as it is, many people start their vacation planning in a last minute battle to pack a tower of clothes, several dozen pairs of shoes/slippers, and your entire skincare collection all at 4am, rushing to the airport for your early morning flight and getting hit with the fact that your battered suitcase is overweight, and, finally, checking into your hotel only to realize that half the stuff you needed was left behind.

The missing key to avoiding the stress of holiday packing lies in streamlining. That means to plan, prepare, and most importantly, have the right tools available at your disposal. This guide contains all of the essentials, from what Gepäck to take with you all the way to the accessories needed that will help take the pinch out of getting to finally Relax on your holiday.

Step 1: Choose The Right Gear

The first step to packing like a professional is by choosing the best vessel for all your holiday essentials. Float questions around such as where you’re going, what’s the weather like, how much room you’ll require and how much time you’ll be spending taking it around.

“There’s nothing worse than lugging around a heavy case when it’s not needed, or the inverse, having too little space in your luggage,” says Joe McAvoy from world famous Swedish cargo brand Thule. “Going on holiday can often bring stress, so the choice of Gepäck should make the trip easier and give you peace of mind.”

The Hard Shell Suitcase

Thrown around the back of your car, into an airplane and tested over every speed bump, hard shell suitcases are as trustworthy as it gets and has been a key essential for traveller’s alike. Many of these suitcases on the market are built solid, sturdy, and with tons of room on the inside along with a strong case lining that will keep your holiday wear safe from all of tumbles of travel.

The Weekend Case

Weekends in summer are meant to travel, and while shorter than a holiday abroad, they can still call for as much fun. Regardless of the length of time you’ll be away, having a small and compact travel essential is great for a weekend getaway. Weekend cases are meant to take all what a man needs and nothing he doesn’t allowing it to all be placed in a compact locker. Yes, this means no more need to wait for checking luggage in or waiting in long, sweaty line up’s for bag-drop offs.

Vorteile: Looks can be deceiving so do not get fooled by these bite-sized pieces of Gepäck as they offer all the perks of a large suitcase, without any of the unwieldiness. It’s as easy as rolling up to the airport, breezing through security (minus any liquids, of course), and you are ready to jet off into a week of G&T’s and white sand beaches.

Nachteile: There is only a limited amount of boxers/briefs you can pack, and naturally, the longer you are on holiday, space will become a struggle. Manageable size comes at a price in this case. That being the limit to taking more than a pair of shoes, and, a handful of outfits and socks. You don’t want to be that person with smelly feet during a trip.
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Not for a moment are we suggesting that you should try and squeeze the entirety of your holiday into a 16” x 13” leather sack. However, when it comes to carry-on luggage or a quick weekend getaway, the humble Tyson Tragetasche is a great companion.

Vorteile: One of the best feature’s on the Tyson Tragetasche is its ability to be packable. Yes, you heard that right – once you board off your flight, simply transfer your valuables onto your main baggage, fold the tote and tuck it away until your flight back home.

Nachteile: One downside of totes in general is that they don’t have a zipper, meaning there is an increased chance of your valuables slipping out by accident. Luckily, Jaunter’s Tyson Tote Bag has a buttoned closing along with side-zippers that can keep your valuables safe while having easy access to your essential items.




Duffel Bags

These days more men are using Seesäcke for a variety of purposes. Be it at the gym, a weekend trip, or for work. It’s spacious yet compact, stylish yet simple, and if you pick from our selection, it’ll more than likely be accompanying you for many trips to come.

Vorteile: With handles and a shoulder strap, our duffel bags are small enough to pass as carry-on luggage, our signature Bowie Seesack eliminates the need a suitcase as it even has additional storage for a pair of shoes, so you’ll be able to carry everything you need for a day’s on break.

Nachteile: Our only drawback with Seesäcke would be that having one, large compartment may require a sense of “item management” as we like to call it. However, such a challenge is easily solved with multiple smaller latched and zipper compartments in our duffel bag collection.
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This handy travel essential isn’t just for carrying books to school and back anymore. Whether you’re heading off for a serious backpacking adventure or just need an item to carry your goods while on-the-go, Rucksäcke of different shapes and sizes are equipped to deal with any type of holiday needs.

Vorteile: When exploring new and exciting places for day trips, our line of backpacks are unmatched for their practicality. With enough room to store water bottles, sunscreen, maps, phone chargers, and even clothes and a pair of extra shoes, Jaunter goes one step ahead by profiting space with the comfort to carry and right on style.

Nachteile: Anything that is straddled to your back in hot climates will have the unfortunate consequence of leaving a patch of hard work sweat. If you are trekking through humid and sizzling hot climates, expect to sweat regardless – it’s all part of the adventure!
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Step 2: Stock Up On Travel Accessories


While you consider this item an out-dated travel essential with no style, think again because our line of Passinhaber’ are compact, lightweight, and a gleam of elegance in any passport control line-up. Never worry again about your train tickets, foreign currency, credit cards, and of course, your passport, as our passport holders contain multiple card slots and are extremely easy when on-the-go.

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So you’re in a new country and don’t want to carry this huge, thick wallet that has receipt’s dating back years and all your essential and non-essential cards (e.g. gym membership card in a foreign country is definitely non-essential), what do you do?

Keep that lump you call a wallet at home and consider adding a slim card wallet to your list of must-have holiday travel items. With a variety of different styles with multiple card slots, why not grab a second one as a back-up!




Invest In Luggage That’s Built To Last

There isn’t any point in spending your pay cheque on a bespoke suit only to carry it across different continents in a bag that doesn’t maintain durability and functionality. Be smart and save money in the process by making an investment in quality on your chosen Reiseutensilien.

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From the local markets to the top summer rooftop bars, creating a list is a smart way to have things in check for all aspects of life. From travel apps to online blogs and videos, there are plenty of resources to get your pre-holiday preparation complete.

Curate Outfits Ahead Of Time

Modernize the packing process by figuring out individual outfits and their factors for your trip before you start filling your suitcase. Consider evenings out to a posh dinner at a high end restaurant, relaxing at the beach, or trekking through the jungle and you will get a better idea of the sort of clothes you’ll need.